Top 10 [Proven] Ways to make Money Blogging in 2021

There are so many people are trying to make some extra money online and nowadays it’s pretty hard to find the exact way. Because there are lots of resources out there and people are getting confused. Because they can’t take any straight decision about what is best for them.

However, there are lots of ways to do and make some extra money from blogging. It sounds really good but the reality is “It’s not an easy task as it sounds to be”.

Making money online is definitely NOT a get quick rich scheme. However, if you stick with your passion and set a goal for your next target then Obviously there are lots of paths for you to make money online. It’s totally possible to make some extra money from $1,000 – $5,000 USD per month.

So, if you are looking at some of the best methods to make money online then you are in the right place. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms to build a website. More than 34% of all websites built with WordPress. So, it’s easy for us to start our blog using WordPress.

So, in this article, I’ll show you the exact method that I’ve been following from the last three years to make money online from blogging. This article can be a bit longer. So, I suggest you grab a cup of coffee 😉 with a notebook and start reading. Also, don’t forget to point out the section.

Making Money Online Blogging

To build your WordPress blog you have to need your own domain name and hosting. A domain name of your website(address) like,, where people can see your content. And a Hosting is a storage/space where your all content and images will be stored online.

Now at this point, you have to select your domain name. To find your domain name you can check here easily. Just choose two words that you want to make your website domain name. And put here into the input field box then click on check availability.

If you see your selected name is available then at this point you need to buy a hosting. I highly recommend you to use Bluehost. Which is one of the most popular hosting and officially recommended by WordPress. I offered you to buy Bluehost hosting because if you purchase the first time then you will get a free domain name with a free SSL certificate for one year.

Your best WordPress projects need the best host!

GoodlyWP recommends Bluehost: great performance, great support. All you need for a great start.

Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting Companies in the World. Before you dive into the deep please keep in your mind that blogging is not a quick-rich scheme. You have to give hard work on it to make it successful. No one gonna tells you their bad times they just show you their good ones.

Want to design your blog from WordPress professionals then visit on Fiverr. Or you can Directly Hire me

Ok let’s start

Here’s the complete table of contents for easy navigation: 

Blog Monetization

Ones your blog is ready and you are getting a number of regular visitors to your blog, then it’s time to monetize your blog properly. There are a few different methods that you can use and monetize your blog to making some extra money at the beginning. However, it will increase day by day.

1. Display Google AdSense

To make money from online the easiest way to monetize your website with Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is an Advertising Network owned by Google. That allows bloggers and website owners to monetize their website by displaying Google Ads on their website. They have different kinds of Ads display methods. You can show text ads, image ads, video ads and other different kinds of interactive advertisements you can show on your website.

If you are a beginner and still didn’t take any step yet to monetize your blog then I highly recommend you to go with Google AdSense.

Let me describe here some of the benefits of using Google AdSense

Very Minimal requirements: There are lots of other ads platform that they required a few special things and most of the required point is to have huge traffic. But Google is completely different than others. They don’t require huge traffic on your blog. So, if you have only few organic visitors then you can apply for Google AdSense.

Generate More Revenue: There is a huge chance to generate more revenue from Google Ads. Basically, Google shows ads based on your content and audience. If you have the targeted audience and helpful content for your visitors then you will get more visitors day by day with more review. There is a big chance to generate more revenue.

Very easy to Use: If you are using WordPress (I hope you are using WordPress) there are lots of ways to place ads on your website. Most of the time if our WordPress theme is not compatible with ads placement then we used Plugins for WordPress. There are lots of free AdSense Plugins for WordPress however most of the time I used Easy Google AdSense.

If you don’t want to use any plugins and custom code then you can choose a WordPress theme with ads space. Here I have listed some of the best WordPress Themes For Advertising Space.

2. Affiliate Marketing

At the present time, Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online.  And It’s one of the easiest ways to make money from your blog. But make sure you have the targeted audience on your blog.

To start affiliate marketing All you have to do: Choose a product or service that can help your audience or solve their problem. Then promote it online. Make sure that your chosen products have affiliate programs.  So that you can apply to their affiliate programs. Now, Promote your selected product to your audience when someone purchase through your referral link you will get a commission. that’s very simple.

However, let me describe here a little bit more. You can start affiliate marketing in just 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Find a Product/Niche that you want to promote: 

If you are still confused to choose the right product, then the easiest way to find the right products for your affiliate is to join an Affiliate Program Like Amazon, ShareASale, Commission Junction, etc. Then browse through their website then you will find lots of niche/product ideas that you can choose to promote.

Step 2: Promote the selected product by placing your affiliate link on your website:

Placing an affiliate link on the blog post/page is an easy task. Anyone can do it if she/he know Basic WordPress. However, there is some professional way that you can follow. Basically, affiliate links come with unnecessary text, number, etc that’s not professional. For this reason, if you take a look most of the webmaster uses a fresh link on their permalink like this: this is just an example.

If someone clicks on the link above then they will go to the Bluehost website with their affiliate link.

I think you may notice this type of link on blogs and youtube description right! 😀 yes you did. Right now, you might be thinking about how they do that? which plugin they are using to modify their affiliate link? 

It’s a very easy task you can do it easily. There are lots of plugin on WordPress Directory but if you are a beginner and want to use a free plugin then I highly recommend you to use PrettyLinks they have the free version and also the premium version. The free version is enough for the beginner.

However, if your plan is big and has the ability to invest right now then you can buy ThirstyAffiliates it’s one of my favorite paid affiliate link generator plugins. Most of the time I used this plugin for my client project and my personal project.

3. Sell Direct Ads

Advertising is one of the oldest and popular ways to make money by selling ads on your website. If you have the Significant traffic on your blog then there is a huge chance to get offered by other webmasters who looking for ads space another website related to their niche. So, I hope you understand how this works.

And if you want to sell ads directly from your site and want to manage everything properly from your dashboard then using AdSanity WordPress plugin you can do it easily without having any hustle.

AdSanity is one of the best ways to sell direct ads on your website. It’s one of my favorite ad management plugins for the WordPress website.

4. Publish Sponsored Blog Posts

Publish Sponsor blog post is nowadays much popular than other methods to make money online.

You can publish Sponsored post weekly or monthly when you have a significant amount of traffic. After a while, you will get various types of Sponsored post-offer on your mail. And that the opportunity to make a good relation with other bloggers and charge some extra money to publish a Sponsored post on your blog.

And don’t forget to mention that the published post is Sponsored post on your blog. It’s very important for your audience. So that they can understand easily.

If you are planning to publish sponsor Post regular basis then there are some plugins that allow your users to publish/submit a blog post to your website. (Front end submission)

Using WinForms you can do it easily with very simple steps. WinForms allows you to create a user-friendly post submission form on your WordPress website. And this post submission form allows your user to submit a blog post on your website without providing them any access to your WordPress Dashboard. Also, the great thing is you can make a Payment process using these Forms when they are submitting the post on your site.

5. Publish Reviews (paid review)

Most of the time affiliate marketers write Product reviews on their blog so that they can refer great products to their visitors and make money.

However, do you know that you can also make money just writing a product review on your blog? Yes !! it’s possible. You don’t have to contact any person or product owner. The product owner will contact you if your website doing great. From my end, I just suggest you create good high-quality content for your readers and then you will get offer regularly to your mail.

6. Earn Money by Flipping your Website

It’s a great business like the real estate business. There are lots of webmasters are doing great to flip their website and it’s a serious business.

There so many people are waiting for you to buy your website. If you have the targeted audience and earn a significant amount of money then there is a big chance to flip your website on a different marketplace.

Whey people will buy your website? As you know that building a brand is not a quick and easy task.  It takes time and lots of work to develop a brand. There so many webmaster or business owners that they have money but don’t have much time to start from scratch. That’s why they will buy a ready-made website/brand to start their business.

Where to Flip? Flippa is one of the largest marketplaces where you can buy and sell websites. There you can list your website to sell. That’s it guys it’s very simple.

7. Selling Online Course

Do you want to teach online through your website? A few years ago it was just a dream. But when it comes WordPress everything makes it easy.  Using WordPress you can create any kind of website easily and also you can add online course selling features on your WordPress website without having any extra hustle.

And it’s a great way to make money online. Now maybe you ask yourself how can I do that? well.. it’s very easy. All you have to do just install a plugin Which is called LifterLMS using this awesome Learning Management plugin you can create online course features On your website Like Udemy, TreeHouse, etc. However, there are few other Learning Management Plugin (LMS) that you can take a look.

Most of the plugin has a free version and a paid version.  If you are completely beginner then you can start with their free version. When you gain traffic and students at that time you can upgrade easily.

8. Create Membership area

You may notice that there are lots of bloggers who create Restricted content for their paid members. Yes, that’s another strategy to make money online. You can create also a Paid membership section for your visitor. Where people have to pay to see the content that you have created for them.

The easiest way to create premium content is by repurposing your present content. That means using your existing content library you can create ebooks, premium posts, etc and make them hide behind using a membership pannel.

You can add Membership Function easily on your WordPress website using a plugin which is called MemberPress. MemberPress is one of the best plugins for beginner to advance to create a membership website.

9. Create a Social Network for specific Niche

It’s one of the new methods that many webmasters choose to generate recurring income from their blog or website. You can create a social networking website easily using WordPress. There is a couple of ways that you can choose.

A niche specific social platform will give you more options than a forum. User can create a profile, posts, upload content, photos, videos, etc easily it exactly like Facebook. People can chat with each other easily. So, there is not much difference between Facebook and Twitter

To build your social network platform If you don’t want to change your present WordPress themes then you can use your present themes for creating your social networking website. There is no problem at all. However, if you want to change themes then you may take a look at our review best social network themes for WordPress.

And all you have to do install a plugin which is called BuddyPress to make fully functional niche social network.

10.  Selling eBooks on your Website

Selling eBooks are probably the easiest way to sell your own products from your website. And there is no need for any physical activity or anything else all you have to just create an eBook that helps your customer. You can create an eBook from scratch or you can use your present post content to create your eBook.

After creating your eBook you have to create a Highly professional eBook cover. So that it grabs your visitor’s attention to buy and download the eBook. If you don’t know how to create eBooks cover then no worry there are lots of software that you can use to build your eBook cover.

Personally, I used Canva to create Facebook, Twitter, Youtube posters, banner and eBook cover without paying. Because they have a free plan and you can use their free plan as a beginner. Using Canva you don’t need to know many more details it’s very easy to use.

However, if you still want to look for someone to build your eBook cover then I highly recommend you hire someone from Fiverr. There are lots of professionals working as an eBook cover designer and you will get your design just For $5 USD. Or you can hire directly james_ghdesign he is a great person and you will get the best service from him to design your eBook cover.

After design your eBook you have to install a plugin called Easy Digital Downloads plugins they have the free version and premium version. You can use the free version as a beginner.


That’s it, guys. I hope this article will help you to get some clear idea to set your next goal for your blog. And those are some of my favorites methods to make money blogging. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to answer your questions. content egg

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