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Hello, bloggers. Do you want to feature your work on our blog? That’s really awesome! We accept guest posts on our blog. You just have to follow a very simple guidelines to feature your post on our blog.

Content type! What we are looking for:

Our main goal is to help the newbie start their website using WordPress and help them get every detail necessary to build and maintain their website.

So, for this reason, we currently accept how to type content and informative content, which helps our readers to solve their problems.

Some more details:

Basically, we want content only related to WordPress. But it doesn’t mean that every single post needs to be directly related to WordPress. If you are a blogger, designer, developer, marketer, then you can get benefit from it. You can send us SEO tips, tricks, Web design Development tips, Blogging tips, etc

Make sure we only accept real original content, which is 100% unique. And never before published anywhere else.

Technical Requirements that you should follow:

  • Content length at least 1000+ Word
  • Send image
  • Put the internal link with our other blog post.
  • Use good heading and subheading with bullet points.

Where to send the article?

Just use this email address and send us your article at contact@goodlywp.com

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