Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins in 2022

There are 1000+ WordPress websites that are hacked every day. If you are trying to keep your site safe, you will need the most suitable WordPress Security Plugin to guard it. 

The Security Plugin is built to protect the site against cyberattacks. It has features that include website scanning, web application firewalls, etc. You can regularly create a backup of your database with a plugin. This assures you that you can restore your site website without starting it from scratch.

Besides, you can have WordPress support from an eminent company for a quick solution.

Looking for the top WordPress Security Plugins? Here you go!

Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins

1. Defender

Defender is a newly launched Security plugin for WordPress. It protects the site after you install and configure it.

The plugin provides you with a notable range of Security features. It offers IP blocking with a free firewall. In addition, its free package includes messages from threats, malware scans, and much more. The plugins Pro package includes enhanced support, scheduling automated scans, etc.

Defender comes with an Audit Log that tracks your every action. It permits you to reboot all your passwords for data breaching or hacking.

2. Sucuri

Sucuri is the finest WordPress Security Plugin. The plugin enables you to have extensive control over your site. In addition, the plugin includes a scanner. It detects errors, malware, outdated code, etc.

Sucuri scanner has one limitation. It is a remote tool to find risks on site pages. The tool cannot scan the back-end core files of your website.

The free package of the plugin offers a tool to scan malware and Security hardening. You can unlock more benefits of the plugin with its premium package.

3. Jetpack

Jetpack is considered one of the finest plugins in the WordPress community. It provides enhanced content management and performance. You can have an all-inclusive site Security solution for the WordPress site.

You will get basic protection in the free package of the plugin. It includes plugin auto-updates, malware & spam blocking, and more. We suggest you upgrade the plugin to a premium package. You will have priority support and malware scans on a daily basis. 

One eminent feature of the premium package is you can back up and restore your site in the actual time. You don’t need any separate backup plugin for this.

The plugin is versatile as it removes the additional need for escalation and social media plugins. It is best as it offers outstanding Security for small sites.

4. Wordfence

Wordfence is a top Security Plugin with 4 million+ downloads. Its flagship free scanning tool checks your plugin files, posts, incorrect URLs, core files, and more. The plugin does this scanning in an automatic way. It alerts you if it detects any corrupted file or threat. 

The plugin doesn’t offer an option to restore files. It will inform you about the file change so that you can repair it fastly.

Unlike most Security Plugins, it offers a site firewall in the free package to keep bots off your site. It includes tracking live traffic and limiting login attempts. You can report attempts of malicious intrusion in real-time. 

The plugin offers you many features in the premium package. These are country blocking, customer support, comment spam filters, and much more. 

5. All in One WP Security and Firewall

The best Security plugin for your small business WordPress website is “All In One WP Security and Firewall.” It is a versatile plugin as it provides you with lots of features. It includes user monitoring, a firewall, and other methods for a site. 

The plugin provides its results on grades. This makes it easy for a site owner to improve and understand the site’s safety. 

All In One WP Security and Firewall is free without any upsells. You can restore & create a backup of .htaccess and .wp-config files. It has a blacklist tool feature that can prohibit users who create trouble on your site.

6. iThemes Security

iThemes Security is used by 1 million + users all over the globe. The plugin offers both paid and free packages. 

The plugin scans the malware powered by Sucuri SiteCheck in the free package. It offers tips for addressing any detected risks. You can set numerous requirements for Security throughout their site. 

iThemes allows you to change the wp-content path and database table prefix. You can prevent brute force attacks, database back up, and ban troublesome spiders & bots. Apart from this, you can compress the online file by purchasing the premium package.

The plugin scans the file origin to decide whether the change is malicious or not. It works currently for WordPress core files and not for themes & plugins. The plugin’s free package is an outstanding choice for beginners. But, iThemes is more brilliant in its premium package.

7. Security Ninja

The finest WordPress Security Plugin is- Security Ninja. It enables you to have user-friendly and extensive weak spot testing. This tool is proficient as it performs 50+ Security checks on password strength, core files, etc. It provides a safety report status of the site in the dashboard. 

The free package of the plugin does not change your site in any way. It only reports the site problem. You can fix them by upgrading the plugin to a premium version. In addition, you can have a malware scanner, firewall, schedule scan, and more. The best part of the plugin is, it has an auto fixer module that solves the problem. Therefore, you don’t need to be tech-savvy for protecting their website.

8. miniOrange’s Google Authenticator

You might be surprised to know that most of the free WordPress Security plugins don’t provide two-factor confirmation. But, miniOrange does. It is a free WordPress Security Plugin with a simple solution to get additional login protection.

You can put Google 2FA to other fields of user submission, your forms, and login screens with this plugin. In addition, Google authenticator allows you to choose a secondary method for proof.

9. Bulletproof Security

Another popular WordPress Security Plugin is BulletProof Security. This plugin provides features that protect the WordPress site from hackers. The features include monitoring Security & logins, database backup, and more. You can have an anti-spam firewall and real-time file monitoring features.

This plugin is proactive to fix 100+ conflicts/issues with other plugins.

10. MalCare Security

Most of us don’t know what to do after your site gets hacked. This is where MalCare Security gets in.

The plugin is useful in cleaning up post-attack malware. You can buy a premium package to remove it in one click. MalCare is a solid free plugin. It comes with tools to deeply scan malware of your WordPress site database and files. 

You can take the benefits of unlimited and automatic post-hack cleanups. For this, you must upgrade it to a premium version.


Your site is key to your business. Thus, it needs to be supported and secured. Security plugins of WordPress are the best way to protect and run a successful online business.

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