6 Best Free WordPress Backup plugins for you in 2021

Keeps a regular backup on your WordPress website is one of the smart ways to safe from the hackers before lost important information and the whole database. No one wants to lose their website either it’s important or not. Every person or webmaster want to safe their website in a different way. But no a days WordPress makes easy everything. You can create backup easily any of your website using WordPress backup plugins.

There are lot’s of WordPress backup plugins on the web. You can pick one of them easily for your website. But it’s a little difficult for the beginner to find the best WordPress backup plugin for their website. There is a good news for the newcomers in this post I listed top 10 free WordPress backup plugins for you.

Though there are some backup plugin that requires some paid service. If you want to use some advanced features on their several plugins then you have to need to pay for them. But the free version is enough for taking a regular backup any website. So no worry about the paid service. Before choosing any backup plugin, you have to need to check some requirements that will help you to use that plugin properly.

Some of the Best WordPress Backup Plugins features you need to know:

1. Automatic: If’s very important for you if your plugin does not work automatically backup system then every time you have to need to create a manual backup. This is not the right way. This will cause you more problems. Will waste your time. So read the description properly.

2. Easy to Use: Actually it depends on your knowledge. How familiar you are with WordPress and basic knowledge about web tech. Though you should take a look how to restore the backup and create a backup. This is enough for you.

3. Backup on a third-party storage: There are several plugins that recommend you to use their third-party backup store service. Some of the plugins provide this features free and some of them charge extra. If you don’t want to use any third-party then you can use your own hosting platform.

4. Support: Suddenly if you face any problem then you have to find the solution or take support from any other to restore your website. So it’s important to you before taking any service you have to need-aware.

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

Best WordPress Backup plugins

UpdraftPlus is one of the most popular WordPress backup and restoration plugin. UpdraftPlus is completely a free backup plugin. It’s easy to use and very user-friendly dashboard. Using this plugin You can create a backup on your local computer, any third-party apps or your hosting. The restoration process is also very easy.

This plugin has super cool and fully functional scheduled backup system, that will help you to create backup automatically. You can use third-party apps using this backup plugin without any extra cost it’s completely free to use. It can automatically upload your backup file to Google Drive, Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, Rackspace Cloud, DreamObjects, FTP, O, Updraft Vault and email.

UpDraft has a paid version also. Using their paid version you will get some extra features. Using paid version you can take backup OneDrive, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze B2, SFTP, SCP, and WebDAV, Microsoft Azure.

In free version:

  • Restore and Backup Features
  • Bakcup on cloud storage
  • Allows you to set up automatic backup schedules
  • It’s faster
  • Currently using 1 million website
In Premium Version:

  • Easy to duplicate or migrate your website
  • Multisite Network compatible
  • Backup your WordPress file or non WordPress file to multiple servers
  • Free dedicated expert support

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Best WordPress Backup plugins

Duplicator is one of the most popular WordPress backup and duplicator plugin. If you look at their name that is called “Duplicator” then you will understand what they want to say using their name. Using duplicator WordPress backup plugin you can create backup and duplicate your WordPress website easily following their guideline.

Duplicator is a free plugin though it has pro features. Many webmasters using duplicator plugin to clone or copy their entire website 100% similar to move another hosting or any other domain. Duplicator is easy to use. If you are thinking to change your hosting or create another site exactly same as the present one then you can use duplicator to clone your website.

There is a notice about usages this plugin. If you want to duplicate your website to another server then this plugin requires minimum technical knowledge about the cPanel and database. But if you just want to take a backup then it’s easy to use. You can do it easily.

Duplicator has premium version le’s see the difference between premium and free version:

Free version:

  • Move, migrate or clone your WordPress website
  • Take your live site to localhost for development
  • Manually Backup a WordPress site
  • Bundle up the entire WordPress website for reuse or distribution
Paid Version:

  • Scheduled Backups
  • Cloud Storage to third-party apps
  • Multi-threaded to support larger website
  • Install a multisiteConnect to cPannel directly
  • Email Notification
  • Professional dedicated support

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Best WordPress Backup plugins

BackupWordPress is an excellent solution for the beginner who wants to backup the entire WordPress website easily within a few clicks. Using this plugin you can create complete WordPress website backup easily.Already It has been installed 2,00,000+ times and the average review is 4.7 that really awesome.

This plugin has time schedule features. A very small things need to know before using this plugin you have to check your website PHP version. Because this plugin requires the PHP version 5.3.2 or higher.

It’s super simple to use there is no extra requirement to setup this plugin. If your hosting memory speed is low then you can use this plugin. It’s working well on shared hosting too. Using this plugin you can create your backup file into a zip folder that will help you to download the entire file easily.

Some important points about this plugins:

  • Its completely free plugin there is no paid feature
  • Very simple and lightweight plugin
  • Manage Multiple schedules
  • Works on Linux and Windows server
  • Good support
  • Translate ready

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BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin

Best WordPress Backup plugins

BackWPup is super simple easy to use WordPress backup plugin. Using this backup plugin you can save your complete WordPress file into your server or their recommended third-party site. It’s easy to restore the WordPress backup as like as one-click restoration.

Using BackWPup you can transfer or upload your backup file into third-party websites like Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, Google Drive, and so many other third-party apps. They mainly create a single zip file for the backup so it’s easy to restoration. You can easily restore your Backup file.

Also, note that: They have pro version also with the pro version you will get unlimited highly professional support from their experts. But using the free version there is no support.

Some more useful free features:

  • Generate a file with installed plugins
  • Optimized Database
  • File Backup
  • Backups in zip,tar, .gz, format
  • Multi-site support
  • Third Party backup (Dropbox, S3 Service, Microsoft azure, Rack space cloud, SugarSync)
Pro Features:

  • Store Backup to amazon glacier
  • Google Drive store backup
  • Dedicated support

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Best WordPress Backup plugins

If you go to this plugins WordPress directory page then you will see there are few contents of this plugin. However, this plugin has already been download half million times for its popularity.

Using this plugin you can take backup easily o your database table at the same time you can select another database and single table too. There are several people who want to use the code as well as want to add new items. This plugin is for those people. You will find the source code on GitHup. However, after install and active any plugin you can find the code in your WordPress plugins folder.

If you take a look on the plugin name “WP-DB-Backup” then you will see this plugin is not for taking backup on WordPress file. This plugin is only for the database backup and various way to take database backup. For the complete file backup, you have to need to check other plugins that I listed here.

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Best WordPress Backup plugins

If you are looking a fully automated daily backup WordPress plugin then blogVault is only for you. It’s another popular quick backup and restores plugins that currently active install is 25,000+ and the average rating is good enough 4.5

If DropBox is your first choice to receive backup from your website using this plugin, then this is the best plugin for you. It’s easy to use however it requires some customization to your Dropbox account. You can do it following their helpful documentation. For doing all the process takes some extra times.

Some useful features:

  • Automatically daily and real-time backup
  • One-Click Restoration
  • 365 days backup history
  • Backup on cloud storage
Security Support:

  • Daily Real time security scans
  • One-click Malware removal
  • Encrypted and secure backups

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Final Thoughts

All above plugin you can use full free without upgrading their pro features. Because as a beginner it’s enough for any website. Personally, I used many times UpdraftPlus for several of my own website and client website. If you want to go with a free plugin then UpdraftPlus is one of the best and first choice for everyone. You can use this one.

However, if you want more advanced features then I recommend you to go with a premium WordPress backup plugin. This will help you to use unlimited features. For more details, you can take a look at this link Best WordPress Backup plugins pro.

If you have any question or need any information feel free to comments below. Our expert team will reply your comments. And if you think it’s helpful for others then share this post on your social timeline.

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