Ultimate Collection of Best free WordPress Translation Plugins

Do you want to make your WordPress website translatable? so that people of various language can easily understand your point of view. WordPress makes everything very easy for you. There are lots of WordPress translation plugin that can help you to translate your WordPress website. You can create multilingually website or there is some exceptional plugin that provides you automatically translatable features. This feature saves your lots of time to do it manually.

In this article, we will show you the top 10 best free and paid WordPress multilingual plugin that you can use on your WordPress website.

How to choose a WordPress translate plugin?

“Nelson Mandela once said, ‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.’ So now hope this will help you to understand the point of view how much important it is.

There are lots of WordPress multilingual plugin on the internet. We divided all of them into two categories. You can choose one of them after reading the complete article. Also, there are many beginners they don’t know, that they can also translate the WordPress dashboard easily using their own language.

The first one is you have a plugin that allows you to create multilingual pages, posts, content on your website. From this type of plugin, you get the maximum benefit using a translate plugin. And this is the main benefit that you can create high-quality content in different language. Obviously, you should do it manually. This category plugin doesn’t allow you to do automatic translate.

The second one is completely different, rather than it’s easy to use but the content quality is not good for your readers. Because this category plugin works automatically and they use various online translatable features to translate your website content. This plugin doesn’t allow you to write content manually in multi-language. We don’t recommend you to use this type of plugin.
Let’s take a look at the best WordPress translation plugin that available for WordPress.


wordpress translation plugin

Polylang is completely a free WordPress language switcher plugin. Using this plugin you can create a multilingual content as much as you want. There is no limitation to create a multilingual page. You can create posts, pages, category even tags and then define the language for each of them. It’s very easy process.

It allows their user to choose their preferred language from their profile and then it automatically download into WordPress language packs
However, it supports complete RTL language script. And works it properly with any RTL supported WordPress themes.

Polylang has two different version it has pro version and free version. If you are beginner then I would recommend you to use their free version. They have plenty of features into their free version so, I think this enough for a beginner to get the maximum benefit of it.

In their pro version have some extra features let’s see the difference between the pro and free features:

Free version:

  • Translate posts, pages, media, category, tags
  • Translate custom post types and taxonomies
  • Menu and widget translate
  • Use subdomain, subdirectory and separate domains
  • WPML api compatible

Paid Version:

  • Translate slug in URLS
  • Duplicate posts
  • Enable and Disable language
  • Additional integration with different plugins
  • Premium dedicated support

Details + Download GET IT HERE


wordpress translation plugin

Wpml is one of the most popular WordPress translation plugin. This plugin provides their service from 2009. WPML is a premium plugin and they have a good reputation for their great service. This plugin comes with a complete one-year dedicated support. It allows you to create a multilingual website. Make sure this is not an automatically translated plugin.

You can translate your website post, page, category, taxonomy, custom post type, any plugin, menus into any language that you prefer. You can choose over their 40 languages even you can add your own language using their language editor. Also, they provide great premium quality customer support. Even you can hire someone to translate your content.


  • It has two version Multilingual version and CMS version
  • Support with most of the Responsive standard WordPress themes
  • Dedicated support


  • It’s not a free plugin
  • Using this plugin there are some requirements. Ex: You should use WordPress version 3.9 or above.

Details + Download GET IT HERE


wordpress translation plugin

It’s a super simple WordPress language switcher plugin. You can run this MultilingualPress plugin in a different language on a separate website. And they connect each other using a lightweight user interface.

They have some requirements using this plugin. For an example, you should use multinetwork WordPress Dashboard that means if you want to use this plugin then it’s not possible if you are using a single WordPress networking Dashboard.

If you don’t have multi-networking WordPress Dashboard then you can use any other translator plugin for your website instead of this one. I recommend you to use polylang and it’s completely free.

But if you use this plugin on a multi-networking WordPress website. Then this plugin automatically duplicates your website content in other languages.

They have also a pro version of this plugin. If you are beginner then you can go ahead with this free version. However, they provide great support and updates if you are using the pro version of this plugin.

Details + Download GET IT HERE

Google Language Translator

wordpress translation plugin

Translate a website content in a different language is take some more times if you do it manually and it requires a lot of effort. Sometimes you have to need to hire a professional for this job. For this reason, there are so many website owners prefer to use an online automatic translation tool. And it comes in our mind at the first time the Google Translator.

Yes, The google translator is one of the most useful and popular automatic language translation solution on the internet.

You are glad to hear that nowadays you can use this very helpful features into your WordPress website. Google language translator plugins provide an easy way to translate your website with so many different languages without having any problem.

Details + Download GET IT HERE

Gtranslate – Google Translate

wordpress translation plugin

Gtranslate is another free google translator plugin. That allows you to add translate features easily into your WordPress website. Also, this works automatically and this plugin powered by Google.

This plugin has already 103 available languages that you can use in your website easily with few clicks.

They have another option that can help you as a user to translate the same page into a new window and easily can view the original content also. Sometimes these options are helpful for the visitor.

They also a pro version on this plugin. But if you want you can use the free version I hope the free version will cover your requirements as a beginner. However, if you want more features then recommend you to go with a pro version. Before buy you have to read their details properly on their official page.

Details + Download GET IT HERE

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