Top 15+ The best radio station music WordPress themes in 2018

written by Editorial Staff July 26, 2018

Music is always been a good way of entertainment. At present, it takes a huge popularity. Besides, the musician and the radio station worker are one of the most famous persons now a days. Everyone wants to raise their reputation and fame. So the musicians, singers, artists, bands, radio stations want to create an attractive website based on music. This post is a solution for them. We have selected the top rated and well performed radio station WordPress themes for your website.

Here we have gather the themes where you will find most of the advantages a music based website needs. Most of themes don’t require coding knowledge or design experts. Even if you are a beginner you can easily design and decorate your website with the help of those themes. All of the themes give a reliable support the users. Now it’s very easy to start a radio station website.

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Have a look at our radio theme collection. Hope you will be happy to check these themes.

radio station wordpress themes


Onair2 is one of the best radio station wordpress themes for a professional radio station website. There are 11 post types and 7 custom widgets in the theme. The theme is very fast as ajax capabilities feature is added.

The biggest advantage of the theme is they are ensuring a 7 days money back warranty. If you feel something wrong in a week you have no tension. Very few themes give this opportunity. There is also a nonstop music player.

Thanks to the theme for adding woocommerce. Users can sell various kinds of product on their website as run a short business on their website. There is also the top page builder D&D builder added to the theme.

They are providing very impressive plugins. Also some premium plugins are given for free. The theme works very nicely in all kind of devices.
So for a radio station website Onair2 is the best one.

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radio station wordpress themes


Sonik comes with a music wordpress theme for the musicians. This theme us suitable for singers, rock band, djs, music band, radio station and others. For making a professional music website sonik is the best one for anyone. There are many shows which are popular on radio. This radio theme is good for that based websites as well.

Having 4 demos the theme is really attractive. Main, rock, musician and radio station demos are available on the theme. One can create music album or video album to attract the visitors.

It’s easy to create a shop page on the website. Woocommerce system let you create a shop page that is really helpful. Users and start business selling different kind of products. There are 600+ google fonts and the theme is SEO optimized.

100+ customization options and one can utilize them very easily. In your problems they gives a great support and guidance. The theme is also fully responsive.
So, overall Sonik is one of the best radio station wordpress themes for any musician.

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radio station wordpress theme


Sounder is a portal radio theme which is especially designed for the music band, djs, singers, artists and for others. There is a sidebar manager in this radio station wordpress theme. Besides the radio theme is well SEO friendly.

Some theme don’t provide good plugins mainly the premium plugins. Users need to but those. Sounder provides premium plugins like revolution slider, wpbakery page builder and others some full free.

Some premade demos, homepages and pages are given for free. Besides one click demo installation system let you finish the setup in just a few seconds. There are unlimited color option that one can decorate the theme very nicely.

You will love the supporting team of the theme. They are very aware of the customers’ problem. The theme is well suited for all sorts of devices.
So choose sounder for your music based website.

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radio station wordpress theme

Vice radio station WordPress themes

Looking for a radio and music WordPress theme? Vice comes with a solution for music bands, DJs, singers and radio stations. This is an amazing WordPress theme for creating a music based website.

Having some Core features such as Google fonts, podcasts, maps, modular pages and others the page gives a lot advantages to the users. There are 25 social icons in the theme. So one can design well having the advantages of the theme.

A music player is always mandatory for radio station or a music based website. This theme provides a cool player with a big number of options. Besides there are 5 custom post types.

Vice gives a premium support to the users. They have some guideline videos with a regular helping team. Also there is a nice gallery with images and videos. Regular updates are also available

So choose this radio station website template wordpress theme for your website.

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wordpress radio station theme


MusicPlay is a radio station website template wordpress theme which is created especially for the musicians, singers, radio stations for their website about their business.

Event is one of the impressive fact that you can raise reputation. And it’s more great when you can set up and event information online. There you can set event, event countdown and event map.

Using shortcode you can set up a djmix overview there you can upload single and multiple mp3 on you website and they starts with just a click. A full width audio player is also a good plugin.

The feature Ajax is also very useful. One time loading is very important for a website because most of the people hate slow loading. This wordpress radio station theme has this fast feature option that is a very good advantage for the users.

600+ web fonts and a big number of shortcode is very helpful for customization. An attractive photo gallery and video gallery is also there. A reliable support and update is also provided by the portal radio theme
Overall they are giving good help to the users.

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wordpress radio station theme

Music Club

Music band is a multipurpose wordpress theme mainly for the music band and for any party organization. This one of the best radio station wordpress themes is built with a powerful page builder revolution slider.

There is an opportunity of creating events. One can create events about any ceremony or festival with a ticket selling options and event information. There are 3 different event list styles available on the theme.

At bottom of the website the users can create a floating music player. This radio station wordpress theme is very attractive and smoothly one can play music with just a single click on the player. The theme is very fast and easy to control.

Your website will be shown to every devices without a single problem as the theme is fully responsive and retina ready. Woocommerce feature is also added to the theme.
So don’t think much choosing this one for your website.

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radio theme


SoundWave is a very familiar music and radio theme for the musician and even to anyone. As this popular on radio theme has lots of features and options, the websites built with this theme is very attractive and stylish.

Among a lot of advantages the audio player is a very attractive one. The visitors can listen to audios while looking for events and other information. Every information is neat and clean besides well represented.

Gallery is always been a good way of making website attractive. A modern and stylish gallery is there in the theme there you can show up the important photos and videos. The artist page let you give all the information about you.

A large and a small; two sliders are available on the theme. Dj mix is also added. Regular update is also given by the theme and a very caring supporting team is there for the users.
So this wordpress radio station theme must be a good choice for you.

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radio theme


Radio station, solo artists, musicians always need an attractive website to promote their reputation and business. But a good website need a good theme. Chords come for the solution with a wordpress radio theme.

Sometimes for creating event you need to use third party plugins. But this theme has an attached event management system that helps you to create any events. A great music player is also available on this wordpress radio station theme

Woocommerce features is now very useful that let you create your own shop page on your website. Chords provides this app and you can easily run business using this feature. There is also an attached child theme.

There theme is based on bootstrap and translation ready. It is supportable on all kid of devices. A big number of features and shortcodes are available in the theme.
So use chords to create your website smoothly.

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radio station website template wordpress


keronchong is an awesome wordpress theme that can be used for multipurpose such as club, party, music, radio station and others based website. The theme has an impressive performance.

Users are always looking for the feature woocommerce. This feature is added to the website that let you create your own shop page and you can sell various product to the visitors. They provides a reliable supports and guidance.

Valid HTML5 and CSS3 is there in the theme. Users can easily create any event on their website. There is also a very good music player on the website. A child theme is also there with the main broadcasting theme.

This broadcasting theme is suitable for all sorts of devices such as mobile, tablet or desktop. An attractive photo gallery is also there where you can show important photos and videos. So overall this theme is very advantageous for everyone.

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wordpress radio theme


To make the dream come true of the musicians, singers or artists Slide comes with an amazing wordpress theme. The theme helps to create a perfect website for your passion and business.

After proving lots of features also the theme is giving a big advantages of useful and premium plugins. WPBakey page builder and slider revolution saves extra $70 of the users. So overall this radio theme is really helpful.

About 20+ page elements have been added to the theme. Also a flexible music player where the user can upload the song, images and links. Also there are 2 event layout for creating any event.

The woocommerce features is also available which let you create your own shop page on the website. With the help of the theme customizer it’s very easy to customize the theme.
As people love this theme so don’t do any doubt to get this theme.

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wordpress radio theme


Lucille is a complete music theme that is perfect the websites based on music. The artists, singers, radio station can also use this theme to promote their website and make the website more attractive.

Lucille gives lots of advantages and woocommerce feature is one of them. Using woocommerce users can set up a shop page on their website. Visitors can buy various the reserved product and let you run a business.

Event management system let you create various event with all the information. Besides ticket buying option is available. The theme also have a good album where the attractive photos and videos can be previewed.

Unlimited color option let you customize the theme more smoothly. This wordpress radio theme is suitable for both mobile and desktop devices. A reliable supporting team is also there for helping you.

So get this theme and create your website happily.

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broadcasting theme


Muzak is a reliable music theme for the people who are connected with music industry. Muzak comes with a lot of advantages that one can build a perfect music website.

The Event management system is really cool as the visitors get all the important information very easily. There is also a very nice music player. You can add single music and can be played there without lagging.

Woocommerce feature is also there available. Visitors can het event tickets from the website. Besides users can sell other products on their website. The theme is WPML ready and jetpack supported.

The portal radio theme is built with bootstrap. Also there are 6 custom types. An attractive gallery is also there in the theme. Useful widget and features are also provided.
The theme has 2700+ customers and don’t doubt to get this portal radio theme..

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popular on radio


Kentha is a multipurpose wordpress theme especially suitable for music websites. The dj, musician, singer, band, club can make their music based website very smoothly using kentha. Kentha has 3 menu designs and useful shortcodes.

Attachment of the ajax music player has made it more popular. Visitors can fluently listen to music as there is one time loading option. The theme is very easy to setup as there is a cool admin theme panel available.

Users can make an artist page that contain every details and bios of the users. Also lots of plugins are available on the theme. Some good widgets and shortcodes are also provided by the theme.

There is no coding knowledge is required to run the theme. Mainchimp, contact from 7, envato market etc. plugins are available in the theme. A good support is also given by the.
So this theme is suitable if you are willing to create a music based website.

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portal radio theme


Decibel is a wordpress theme which can be the best one for the musicians, singers, band or anyone related to music industry. The theme is SEO optimized and powerful wolfslider is attached to the theme.

The theme gives a great plugin advantages. Along with custom useful plugins the theme is providing the premium plugins. Those plugins saves $50 of the users at least.

The wordpress radio theme has one of the best music players. You can easily add and set music link on the player. Besides you can create any event with date venue location and others very easily. A child theme is also included with the main theme

Discography feature of this broadcasting theme let you showcase and sell music online. Besides woocommerce feature let you create shop page and sell products online.
So don’t worry about music theme where there is decibel.

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portal radio theme


Muse comes with a multipurpose theme especially for the people related to music industry. The theme is well SEO optimized and a great image gallery is there available in the theme.

They have a good blogging and vlogging platform there you can import videos from personal, youtube or vimeo. There are about 26 custom templates in the theme. Users can design well even without knowing much about designing.

The users can create events with all the information. The theme is fully responsive and retina ready besides a good support is given by the authority. No coding knowledge is needed to run the theme. There is also woocommerce feature and using that you can built your own shop pages.

A professionally trained supporting team is always there for you to help in any problems. Besides regular update is available. The theme is very fast and very easy to decorate your website using this theme.
So, certainly this theme is a cool one for musician.

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